Friday, August 25, 2006

THE 15-17% SOLUTION: Steve Wynn (the mastermind behind the Mirage, TI, Bellagio, and now, his eponymous Vegas casino) has decreed that tips for table game dealers must be shared with "supervisors"/pit bosses. Is this policy fair? Would it change how you tip? What are your personal tipping policies? Personally (for food), I'm generally a "double the sales tax" person when eating in NYC, which results in an 18% pre-tax tip, and a "keep the change" person when dealing with cabs--though cabs frequently present the tough issue of what do you do when the meter is (for instance) $8.10? Do you go on the low end with $9, tipping a little more than 10%, or do you go with $10, leading to a tip of almost 25%?

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