Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TOMMY, COME OVER HERE AND TAKE IT, [FEMALE DOG]: RockStar: Can We Get To The Final Four Already? quick recap of a week in which no one blew me away:

The Good: Ryan Star was Good Chris Chambers again. The only one to really impress me this week. Toby gets high marks for energy, but not so much for the actual singing.
The Competent: Magni, Lukas, and Dilana, and it's mostly because of my bias against misinterpretations of what Sting has referred to as "a quite evil song about surveillance and controlling another person. The fact that it was couched in a seductive and romantic disguise made it all the more sinister for me."
The Needs To Go Home: Patrice, Dilana's fake eyelashes, Magni's ski cap.

After the long-necessary axing of Patrice, next week it starts getting tough.

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