Saturday, August 26, 2006

THE PAULA MARSHALL AWARD: We're a little late (since the first new show has already premiered, and the second, Justice, begins on Wednesday), but it's time for the annual ALOTT5MA cancellation pool. Make your pick for what show on the fall schedule will bite it first. Both earliest in terms of number of episodes aired and in date of cancellation are winners! My picks? In the comedy category, I'm going with 20 Good Years, which I'm hearing is just awful, despite the promising pairing of John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor (to be replaced by Scrubs or The Singles Table). In the drama, I'm going to go off the board, and foresee What About Brian? being the first to go, despite its surprise renewal, to be replaced by something utterly disposable (Greg Behrendt's Wake-Up Call) that better fits with the lead-in.

Winners receive The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeffer: The Complete Series in the unlikely event it ever arrives on DVD.

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