Tuesday, August 22, 2006

IT IS A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED, THAT A MAN IN POSSESSION OF A BOOGIE BOARD MUST BE IN WANT OF GOOD WAVES AND WARM WATER: For the past week or so in Truro, the town's best beach has had ideal conditions for boogie boarding -- low tide near noon, warm water, and, perhaps most important, big waves that break about 100 yards offshore.

I have noticed that there appear to be two basic techniques. One involves holding the board with straight arms so that your head ends up near the middle of the board and your body trails behind it (the "Superman position"). The other involves holding the board with bent arms so that your head is near the front of the board and most of your body is on top of the board (the "sphinx position"). I strongly prefer the sphinx position, but I happen to be unusually tall (and thus heavy). Which one do you prefer? More generally, isn't boogie boarding an amazingly reliable path to happiness?

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