Friday, August 25, 2006

THE WEDDING iPOD: Yesterday's WSJ had an article on couples using iPods to provide wedding music in lieu of a band or a DJ (no link since it's subscription only). Indeed, in the past year I have been asked twice to program iPods for friends who are getting married.

Using a iPod in this manner is cost efficient and convenient. It also allows the couple more or less complete control over the songs since they are not constrained by the breadth of a DJ's collection or a band's repertoire.

All that being said, I'm not especially wild about the trend because there is no way an iPod can match the magic of a live band or the creativity of an experienced DJ. A DJ or a band leader can think on the fly and choose songs based upon how the guests have reacted to earlier songs. A wedding reception is a dynamic event. An iPod cannot respond to the ebbs and flows of the audience.

I do agree that an iPod might be a good choice for a rehearsal dinner or during various interludes in the main wedding reception (e.g., the cocktail hour while wedding photographs are being taken). Any thoughts? What songs would be on your own wedding iPod?

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