Monday, August 21, 2006

IT'S EVEN GOT A ONE-ARMED MAN: Although I am entirely unwilling to concede that summer may be drawing to a close, I am happy to see the fall TV schedule getting underway with tonight's premiere of Prison Break: How Will the Tattoos Help Us Now That We're Not in Prison No More? It'll be good to see Michael and the Fox River boys again, although I question the wisdom of revealing the outcome of Dr. Tancredi's overdose in the season two promos (not to mention my larger concern about the absence of Patricia Wettig). Bellick looks to be front and center in the new season, which strikes me as a good idea.

Also, I think it's a fabulous move on Fox's part to launch Vanished right after the first premiere of the season -- because really, what else is there to watch at this point? I'll tune in if only for a change of pace from my pleasant but repetitive diet of Entourage, Project Runway, SYTYCD, and reruns of House, SVU, and Without a Trace.

In case Cosmo Baby doesn't permit me to watch the premieres in a timely fashion, feel free to discuss them here.

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