Monday, August 21, 2006

HIP HOP IS MY PASSION. I LOVE TO POP, AND LOCK, AND JAM, AND BREAK: Three notes on the winners of the Creative Arts Primetime Emmys, presented Saturday night, as they relate to favorites here: (1) High School Musical wins for best choreography and best children's programming, and seriously, folks -- even us adult folks -- you need to see it already, because it's just wonderful, whether you want to snark on it or just enjoy it; (2) Random Simpsons episode beats South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" for best animated program, and Kelsey Grammer wins best voiceover for Sideshow Bob; and (3) Rome won a bunch of awards for its technical virtues -- art direction, costumes, visual effects and hair. It's a shame it didn't show up more in the acting and writing nominations.

In honor of the XIIIth! and the show's DVD release, here's a YouTube link to the scene previously presented with the annual It's Not Just TV; It's HBO Award: witness Titus Pullo, Gladiator. You can fast-forward to about 3 minutes in, and it's pure violence from there. By the time you get to 4:28, you'll understand why the award was uncontested. NSFW, unless you work in a slaughterhouse.

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