Monday, August 21, 2006

THE HUNT IS OVER: One last appropriately complicated clue, and that's all it took to find winners of The Amazing American Hunting Treasure Quest Secret Code Thingy. Beyond that, not much to say -- the audience for the live finale was quite raucous, given the non-national-sensation nature of the show, but it was all padding -- let's ask forgettable teams how being on two episodes has Changed Their Lives! -- though, there was a high moment of unintentional comedy when Laird had to shepherd the winners away from a group hug to keep things moving along and started yoinking arms out of sockets. And it was nice to see the amount of the final prize, which merited all the lofty words about The Treasure from the start of the season.

I'd like to see the show come back, so long as they actually have a host who travels with the production, an editor with a better sense for drama, and producers more willing to be transparent about their role in the whole enterprise. Bottom line: smart shows in which the clues are actually clues and intelligence is rewarded ought to be encouraged, and for all its flaws, Treasure Hunters was a step in the right direction for reality tv.

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