Sunday, January 18, 2009

FORTUNATELY, MELLENCAMP DIDN'T OPT FOR "OUR COUNTRY:" Let's try and keep it non-political, but I suspect a thread for discussion of the inaugural concert being simulcast on HBO (and unscrambled) is in order. I'm only halfway through, and the high point is clearly Bruce doing "The Rising" with full gospel choir, and the low point being Jamie Foxx's demand that "Chicago people stand up!" And while I applaud efforts to be diverse, Kal Penn and George Lopez? Really?

ETA: Clearly, I posted mere minutes too early, as the inexplicable trio of Sheryl Crow, Will.I.Am, and Herbie Hancock attempting to channel Bob Marley just created a new nadir in the broadcast. (Contrast with the Taylor/Legend/Nettles "Shower The People," which was much more effective.)

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