Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SO I AM HEREBY RAISING MY SELTZER: Twenty-four hours from now, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will be announcing its nominations for the annual Oscar awards. It is time for you (and, yeah, I know all the ballots are in already, but let's deny that reality for a moment) to make your last-minute pleas to the voting members of the Academy for nominations they might otherwise not make.

In my case, I think you know it -- I want recognition for Rachel Getting Married beyond Anne Hathaway's performance and for screenplay, best supportings and, yes, Best Picture. I want The Dark Knight in the Best Picture mix because it's time for Big and Fun to be recognized again, and it's a hell of a good movie. As for a curve ball, I'm just going to say that Jeff Bridges still doesn't have the number of nominations which would be commensurate with his talent, and since Heath Ledger's winning Best Supporting Actor anyway, why not throw Bridges a nomination for Iron Man?

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