Thursday, January 22, 2009

GIVING THE FOLKS AT PRICE WATERHOUSE SOMETHING TO DO IN A RECESSION: Oscar nominations are out, and the two big toplines are Dark Knight only getting a supporting actor nomination in the major categories, and Benjamin Button leading all comers with 13 nods. Analysis to come and begin doing so in the comments.

ETA (1): Complete list now available.

ETA (2): Some analysis:
  • Complete snub for Gran Torino, with Richard Jenkinis taking the Eastwood slot in best actor. Also substantially snubbed is Revolutionary Road, with only a Supporting Actor nod for Michael Shannon.
  • Even though Winslet was pushed for Supporting Actress in The Reader and Lead in Revolutionary Road, her sole nomination is Lead Actress for Reader, which is the surprise 5th nominee for best picture.
  • Slumdog Millionaire and Doubt kind of mirror each other. Slumdog has nominations in a bunch of categories, including picture, director, screenplay, 2 songs, and score, but no acting nominations. Doubt has all four principals nominated for their performance (Phillip Seymour Hoffman is supporting) and a screenplay nomination, but is not in the big dance and has no technical nominations.
  • Complete match for picture and director nominees for the first time in a while, with Stephen Daldry nominated for The Reader where Chris Nolan was expected to be in.
  • Big snubs in the song category, where they only nominated three this year ("Jai Ho" and another from Slumdog, and "Down to Earth"), include the Miley Cyrus song from Bolt and anything and everything from HSM3.
  • Among the odder films which can now bear the "Academy Award nominee" banner? Wanted (Best Sound Editing), Tropic Thunder (Best Supporting Actor, RDJ), Iron Man (several technical nods), and Hellboy 2 (Best Makeup).

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