Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WE INTERRUPT THESE FESTIVITIES TO FOCUS ON ISSUES OF TRUE NATIONAL IMPORTANCE: One of the things I enjoy about having Alan Sepinwall around here is that, when he gets the chance to talk to people like Damon Lindelof, he asks the questions that have been on the ThingThrowers' minds for months or years. And so we get to find out that yes, the fascinating inquiry into the origin of Jack's tattoos did actually serve a purpose:

But more importantly, if "Stranger in a Strange Land" -- which, universally, is (considered) the worst episode we ever produced -- had not been produced, we would not have been able to convince the network that, "This is the future of the show: how Jack got his tattoos. Everything we've been saying for two years about what's to come, is now all here on the screen. You argued that an hour of Matthew Fox in emotionally-based conflicts, it doesn't matter what the flashback story is, it'll be fine. But now that we're doing his ninth flashback story, you just don't care."

So yes, all our chatter around here concerning the show's pacing was accurate, and I suspect that we are in for a great ride over the remaining two seasons. Read the whole interview, if you have a few minutes -- it's a good one.

(I do wish that Alan had harnessed the power of the ThingThrowers when formulating his list of questions for the lightning round -- personally, I would love to know whether we're ever going to get any explanation regarding the kidnapping of Waaaaalt and what Ms. Klugh was doing with him over on the four-toed side of the island. Feel free to suggest other yes-or-no "will X ever be revisited" topics for Alan's next fireside chat with Mr. Lindelof.)

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