Monday, January 25, 2010

(I GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU): I'm not quite sure what the purpose is of a greatest hits collection in the era of iTunes, but that's not going to stop my from being a little bit happy about a 23-track Pavement compilation being released this March.

And very happy about a worldwide Pavement reunion tour in 2010, even if few of the dates are stateside.


  1. the2scoops11:30 PM

    May I recommend joining us in Toronto - June 19th out on Olympic Island with Pavement, Broken Social Scene and Band of Horses? So happy we have the opportunity to fall in love with Pavement all over again

  2. isaac_spaceman5:22 PM

    I always love Band of Horses for about two and a half songs.  By the end of that third song, I'm tired of them and need a couple of days off.