Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SHE WENT INTO THE LIGHT: Zelda Rubinstein, best known as the pint-sized ghost buster in 1982's Poltergeist, has transitioned over to a different sphere of consciousness at the age of 76, which incredibly means she around my age when the film was made (as a teen I would have guessed she was no younger than 100). Rubinstein, who also memorably played the church organist in Sixteen Candles, will presumably be buried in a cemetery and not in an sacred Indian burial ground beneath a suburban Southern California swimming pool.

And in case you missed it while you anxiously toggled between Gizmodo and EndGadget for iPad rumors, Trapper John left the Bonanza Ranch earlier this week.


  1. I had a legal secretary who we all called Tangina because of their resemblance.

  2. calliekl7:49 AM

    She was in one of my favorite guilty-pleasure Halloween movies, Teen Witch. I am guilty of premorse on this one, though. RIP.

  3. Marsha10:30 AM

    She was 44 in Poltergeist? Geez.

    The article you link to refers to "Steven Spielberg's cult 1982 film." Poltergeist is a cult film? Wasn't it a mainstream hit?

  4. Tosy and Cosh11:59 AM

    Ginnie! (Watched Picket Fences season one last year)

  5. Testy3:13 PM

    Poor Tobe Hooper just can't get no respect: