Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I JUST HAPPENED TO PLAY IN AN ARENA WHERE THERE WERE BIGGER CHIPS": Does this blog believe in bringing Lenny Dykstra down, and then repeatedly kicking the frequent ALOTT5MA bĂȘte noire once he gets there? Yes, when there's still more bad news. Excerpt below the fold:

Today, the former star baseball player who played a key role in the New York Mets’ last World Series champion in 1986, is broke, with 19 lawsuits filed against him, $37 million in debts, $24.6 million in assets — mostly from two Lake Sherwood estates — and a $5,700 per month baseball pension. A divorce court last year ordered all his pension money go to his wife, Terri.

In July, Dykstra filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring, but a court-appointed trustee later determined he was incapable of fixing his financial problems so the matter was converted to a Chapter 7, allowing the court to seize his assets and sell them off to pay creditors....

For now, Dykstra isn’t generating any income, but his bookkeeper, Dorothy Van Kalsbeek, said a reality TV show is in the works.

“It’s not a puff of smoke, but it hasn’t gotten to the pilot stage yet,” said Van Kalsbeek, who is more of a friend these days since she isn’t being paid by Dykstra. “It’s very much in the development stage.”

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