Thursday, January 28, 2010

MAYBE THEY'LL ADD A FIFTH JUDGE TO FILL THE TIME: In a totally expected move guaranteed to make us more thankful for the existence of TiVo, Idol's competition rounds will be two hours long at least through the Final 8.

Has anything happened yet during the auditions of positive merit? Any real "yes, this is The Next American Idol" vibes?


  1. Three little letters:  NPH.  Highly entertaining.  Um, there have been some good folks, although no one that has really struck me as "next American Idol."  But there have been several folks that I could see enjoying on the show.

  2. spacewoman2:28 AM

    I liked Andrew Garcia, who showed nice tonal range, going from smooth to jagged without ever being overbearing.  Tim Tebow's girlfriend was on it. 

  3. girard315:27 AM

    It's almost as if FOX is saying "Let's try to kill the show, and if it doesn't work, we'll at least make tons of money." Seriously, the two hour shows suck.

    I thought the big "Ruben Studdard-esque" guy from this week was exceptional, and I would like to see NPH be Simon's replacement.

  4. Jenn.8:23 AM

    And let's bounce Kara for Katy Perry.  Jettison Randy entirely, or replace him with Ben Folds, and that's a panel I can work with.

  5. Fred App8:35 AM

    I agree with Jenn. The shows have been entertaining, NPH was a great guest judge (the anti-Avril), but no one has really been particularly memorable.

  6. bella wilfer3:09 PM

    In LA, Ryan Seacrest hosts the morning radio show on a popular pop station and today had a girl whose name has escaped me on who has made it to the Hollywood round 3 times - first time dropped out b/c her father died, second time dropped out b/c she had to go to traffic court back in Chicago (where she's from), and this time is dealing with the disappearance of her mother!  She's the girl to whom Simon said "people like you are what make me love judging this show - you're that good."  Ryan noted they are usually not allowed to talk to the contestants on the radio until their elimination, but this was important enough that he got special permission.  He had the girl (Angela maybe is her name?) come on and discuss what her mother may have been wearing, where she may have been going, etc and they are re-broadcasting it in the Chicago area as well with hopes someone has information...but it doesn't sound good.  Really tragic.