Thursday, February 12, 2009

BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE EGG COUNCIL: The benedict/faux benedict pairing seemed like a lock to win the Quickfire, but Wylie Dufresne, super genius, went another direction entirely. Entirely.

Anyone else concerned that they're gassing Carla a little bit? Her "simple perfection" approach in this episode strikes me as a philosophy that would have drawn a lot of fire in prior seasons. Big thanks to the producers for airing the datum that she used to model, because it allows me to imagine that she is in complete and calculated control of the whole fraggle thing and helps imagine that she might take it all, which I like. She remains my favorite, though not in an odds-of-winning sense.

Great elimination challenge, with the judges effectively, pleasantly and playfully staged. I wanted to eat everything.

On to the comments: snide comments on the teased "showdown" between Stefan the Finnish Fin and Curly the Canned Crab Man welcome; theories about the proper allocation of talent/charisma in evaluating Fabio's success welcome; optimistic explanations of how Carla might pull it all off welcome; crushing reality checks about the degree to which she has been built up in the last few weeks also grudgingly accepted.

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