Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'M GOING BACK TO FIND SOME PIECE OF MIND IN SAN JOSE In the wake of the San Jose Sharks rally against the Boston Bruins, I find myself drawn -- yet again -- to the hope that San Jose might be for real and that this playoff run might be worth a closer look. But, as a California boy, I know nothing about hockey, save that Wayne Gretzky was good at it, and that ESPN's Barry Melrose has suits that make me believe he is the love child of Huggy Bear and a London Banker.

Oddly, the sports stations here at not hyping this too much as yet. San Jose has gone one-and-out, I think, five times since they opened the franchise and the folks here -- who, other than the transplants, know nothing about it -- are accustomed to such flame outs. But I'd like to watch this with a bit more clarity and be able to answer the Little Earthling's most basic questions about the game. Anyone suggest a good hockey blog where I might glean a few things? A good article introducing the game to an idiot like me? I know that there is something called icing, and something called offsides, but couldn't tell you the difference.

Also, Go Sharks.

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