Friday, February 13, 2009

YOUR MOTHER I CAN UNDERSTAND, BUT SINCE WHEN ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO TELL YOUR EX-FIANCEE WHEN YOU'RE BACK IN TOWN? Since, as some of you have noticed, we haven't done a Grey's Anatomy post in a while (probably due, at least in part, to its conflict with The Office and 30 Rock and its entrenchment as a DVR show), I'll throw this up with three half-baked thoughts:
  • Bringing Addison back and surrounding Derek with old friends only highlights how mopey everybody usually is. This show is really manic depressive (usually depressive) -- either there's angsty self-destruction or there's spastic dancing and gleeful consensual body mutilation. The pre-dancing bar scene, with people just having low-key playful conversations, is kind of the meat of a good life -- can't anybody get that on a regular basis at Seattle Grace?
  • Dr. Sloan, maybe for that very reason, is the best thing about the show right now. His delivery of the whole appropriately professional congratulations to Lexie, followed by blurting things out about Derek and Meredith, was the high point of the episode. And Eric Danes has surprisingly good chemistry with the much younger (seeming?) Chyler Leigh.
  • How many times will Karev have to reluctantly diagnose a girlfriend with a mental illness? If every girl that loves you is literally insane, what does that say about you? I kind of hope he gets a crazy girlfriend every season.

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