Sunday, February 8, 2009

CRANKY ANSWERS TO SILLY QUESTIONS: Over at Slate, David Zax has marked the DVD release of an extended cut of Kevin Costner's Waterworld with two questions that the ALOTT5MA Research Department was able to answer over coffee this morning:

What if Waterworld were an eco-parable whose message was merely ahead of its time?

That would suggest a pronounced and perhaps irreversible degeneration of the eco-parable genre since the film’s release, as if we were spewing pollutants into the mental environment at a rate that might make all parable impossible within a generation. Alternatively, it would suggest a willingness to deploy a cheapened concept of “parable” that should give us real pause. Like, before asking that question, we should pause, Fezzik-like, and ask if that word means what we think it means.

But has Waterworld's moment finally arrived?


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