Sunday, February 8, 2009

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e.t.a.: Monday morning, and what I'm struck by -- and no, this is hardly an original thought -- is that a thirty-year-old musical genre invented in the Bronx now has as a leading practicioner a culture-crossing Brit of Sri Lankan descent named Mathangi Arulpragasam who shared the stage last night with the sons of the Marcy Projects, Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans who were sampling her music. (Also, that she's ridiculously pregnant, and I love this picture.)

The awards? Eh. I don't expect them to be better, though this felt like the equivalent of an Oscars in which Last Chance Harvey sweeps all the categories. One watches the Grammys to enjoy a 3 1/2 revue of the year in popular music, and while the evening rarely approached greatness -- no one's aspirations seemed high except for Radiohead -- it nevertheless moved along at a brisk pace, with so many of the awards handed out pre-show. I can certainly remember Grammy shows of a decade-plus ago which were compelled to have performances from and hand out awards in every nominated genre, and it made for a long, dull evening. [Apparently, FWIW, it was that Al Green/Timberpants/Boyz III Men number which was the late sub-in for Chris Brown and Rihanna.]

Hope you enjoyed our CoverItLive experiment; I anticipate you'll be seeing it again on Oscar night, for the Bee and other special events to come. Your thoughts on the awards, the performances and everything else remain welcome.

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