Friday, February 13, 2009

DEAN STOCKWELL, HUH? Last night I finished watching Season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica. I have really been enjoying the show, which well deserves all of the accolades people throw at it -- in fact, the Cylons have decimated my slate of regular TV shows. Lost, Top Chef, HIMYM, and AI have survived, but both Grey's Anatomy and Big Love are gone, along with lesser lights like Fringe. (I assume that I will ultimately catch up on both Grey's and Big Love online or on DVD, but it doesn't feel pressing at the moment -- how's that for a testament to the quality of BSG?)

BSG is the first super-plot-intensive serial I've watched after the fact -- I started both Alias and Lost when they premiered, and picked up Grey's (which doesn't really fall into the same category) after that first 9-episode mini-season, so I didn't really miss all that much other than the immediate shock of Addison's existence. Mad Men and West Wing were later acquisitions, but like Grey's, they're not plotty in the same way that Lost and BSG are. So this is really my first foray into ex post facto viewing of a show that's elicited a rabid internet fan base.

And so my BSG experience has been colored by the dribs and drabs of things that I've picked up over time. I've tried, more or less, to avoid spoilers, but when a show's been on for four seasons and you spend as much time reading TV coverage on the internet as I do, it's impossible not to absorb some information by osmosis. (And I didn't really try to lock down spoilers until a few months ago, anyway, since I didn't always think I was ultimately going to watch the show.)

So I knew that Hera would eventually show up, long before that plot point was telegraphed and later revealed (although I am pleased to say that I have no idea what happens with that character after she shows up at the school in the season 2.5 finale); I had a vague sense of the Tomb of Athena and what happens there; I know that both Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell (in all of her non-This Is Not a Real Aspie glory) are still on the show, so that took away some of the suspense at various points -- that kind of thing. I also knew about New Caprica's existence ahead of time, which is fine, but more of a bummer is the fact that I know where the gang ends up at the end of Season 4. I don't know which four people were revealed as Cylons in this year's season premiere -- this is one plot point that I am trying with all my might to avoid -- but the mere fact that I knew there were five left at the end of Season 4 meant that I had a really clear idea of how many there were to be revealed between between the end of Season 1 and the end of Season 4. I know that Starbuck is really really important for reasons that I am happy to report that I don't know. And thanks to a cousin of Mr. Cosmo's who apparently thinks that no one ever reads her Facebook wall, I know who the final Cylon is. I'm sure I know other stuff too, and that I'll realize sometime during Seaons 3 and 4 that I'm aware of other things that I didn't realize I knew. So yeah, some of the twisty-turny shock value is lost on me, which I'm sure is detracting to some extent from my enjoyment of the show, but there's plenty of enjoyment left.

All of this is a really long-winded introduction to a request. I know that there's a whole universe of ancillary stuff that goes along with this show, but I've never been clear on what goes where timing-wise. I gather there's something called the Razor movie as well as a bunch of webisodes, but is there anything else? And when am I supposed to watch this stuff -- now? Or between seasons 3 and 4? 4 and 5? And is the Razor movie an internet thing or will it be on the DVDs for one of the other seasons?

(Oh, and P.S., I find it really entertaining that there seem to be two and only two differences between the 13th colony and the other 12: the word "frak" and a polytheistic religion.)

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