Saturday, February 14, 2009

WHAT IF THEY DIDN'T? Like Alan, I'm still not completely sold on Dollhouse's fusion of Alias and My Own Worst Enemy, at least in part because I haven't bought the "Eliza Dushku is a Great Actress" theory--part of what made Alias work so well is that you could equally buy Garner as a club girl and a dorky cover identity, while Dushku's "I wear a bun and glasses and speak in clipped tones, so must be smart" doesn't really sell it. Also, I watch Whedon shows in part for the funny. Despite bits of comic relief, this was pretty unrelentingly dark. That said, Firefly took a few episodes to find its footing, and Buffy was scattershot for its first season, and there are a good number of interesting questions--who is/was Echo and how did she get into the Dollhouse, in particular. Whedon's earned enough goodwill that it'll get a few more episodes.

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