Thursday, February 12, 2009

HE'S KOREAN. I'M FROM ENCINO. So other than the MIA Hurley, last night's Lost had something for everyone. You want answers to long-outstanding questions? We got 'em. Newer questions? We can answer some of them too. You want backstory on a newer character whose saga was eaten up by the writers' strike? No problem. Need a moment of insight into where Ben's loyalties lie? Ok, here's a smidge. Want some starcrossed lovers? Check. Feeling like we haven't seen some old friends in a while? Oh, here they are, right here. Lacking for some new and interesting mythological questions? Here's some hieroglyphics for you. When Sun is the weakest link in an episode, you know there's good stuff afoot.

As always, we point you first to Alan Sepinwall for the detailed analysis (and it's not like the rest of the internet is lacking for thoughts on last night's episode), but bring your coffee back here for a comfy chat in the comments.

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